Classes and Workshops

I am offering two classes in Summer 2018 at the Morton Community Center.

Description of the classes is listed below.

If you are interested in taking any of these classes, contact the Morton Center. . You can pick up the catalog, which includes the sign up form at the Morton Center at 222 North Chauncey Avenue in West Lafayette. They should also have the catalogs at the West Lafayette Parks & Recreation office at the West Lafayette City Hall. On-line registration  begins April 27. The first day of walk in and phone in registrations is Tuesday, May 1. The phone number is: 775-5120.

Working with Your Digital Camera

Learn how to find and use all of the options and programs on your digital camera, and how to use them to take better pictures. Learn how to access the different parts of your camera’s menu, and work with focusing, zoom settings, resolution, compression, compensation, color, saturation, contrast, flash, and other camera capabilities. Some compositional elements for a good photograph will also be discussed.   The second class will meet ant an alternate location on Saturday morning to work with our cameras in the field. In the third session, students will bring prints of their work to class for feedback.  Students should already have a digital camera and should read the camera manual prior to the first class. Please bring your camera and camera manual to the first class. For more information, please contact Glenn Chang at (765)447-2462.

Instructor: Glenn Chang Location: Room    Ages: 18 years or older  Supply Fee: $3 paid to the instructor at the first class.

Description Actv/Sect  Age    Date (# classes)   Day   Time             Location              Fees

Session 1                    18 +    June 6 & 13          W     6:30-9:00P   Room 211           $50 (plus $3 materials fee


Why Don't My Photos Work? A Feedback Workshop

Do you take pictures but they don't capture what you see? In this workshop, led by a professional photographer, get feedback on your photography, and  suggestion and pointers on how to improve your work. Each student will bring twelve 4x6 prints to class. Preferred pictures to bring are photos that you thought would be good when you took them but the resulting image didn't live up to what you imagined. The class will explore different approaches that could be used to improve those photos and take better images. Class is limited to twelve students. For more information, please contact Glenn Chang at (765)447-2462. 

Instructor: Glenn Chang Location: Room  211  Ages: 18 or older  

Description Actv/Sect   Age    Date (#classes)   Day   Time             Location            Fees 

Session 1                     18 +    June 19                 Tu       6:30-9;00P   Room 211         $25


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