Ordering Greeting Cards

Each gallery page shows either a greeting card set or individual cards. All cards are ink jet images on photographic quality card stock. All cards are blank inside and an envelope is included.

Individual cards are 8.5 x 5.5 inches in size. They need to be ordered in quantities of at least two cards in an order, though you can mix different cards together in that minimum two card order. All of the individual cards are shown in the Individual Card gallery. Click on a card and then go to the order page to order it.

Card Sets have a total of four designs and four cards total in each set. Card set galleries show the four cards that come in each set. Click on the image and then go to the order page to order that set. Be sure to click on any one image only once to order one card set.

Special Orders

Any image that you see on any of the gallery pages can be done as a greeting card or card set. Please contact me by email to request an image as a greeting card. Because a seperate template must be created to render an image as a card or card set, Individual Cards are $8.00 and Card Sets are $20.00 and the same minimum quantity orders apply.

Shipping is free on all items.

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